Hayley Newstead is the creative vision behind one of London’s most sumptuous luxury flower shops and an event designer with seductive style. Renowned for her divine nude colour palettes, signature hand tied bouquets and an exquisite mid-century design aesthetic, everything AFH dreams up is truly luscious.

Print was where we built up the brand, producing our much-loved design on all manner of things, made to be used and designed to be unforgettable. We designed deliciously complex gift cards, business cards, labels, envelopes, letterheads, shopping bags, labels and embossed tin tags, creating a potpourri of miniature objects d’art.

We wove a classic cursive script with a deco-inspired font, and reproduced the work in techniques suited to fine detail. Satin and gloss foils combined on the events and interior design materials with premium die-stamping for the customer facing flower shop — each item individually burnished by hand to give a unique lustre.

Shopping bags came in three different sizes and proportions. Heavy duty, with gleaming embossed logos and rope handles, these were made to be treasured. Still Oro&Co’s most-copied design, we can only agree that our fans have immaculate taste.

Luxury British Florist & Boutique