We were commissioned to design the brand identity for a new luxury fashion brand, born and bred in the heart of the British Empire. They designed and manufactured premium products which combined the highest quality materials and craftsmanship with enduring classical design. We found a niche in the market to position H. Charles as the grandchild of the Bond Street elite — a prestigious brand with a youthful spirit and energy — charismatic, glamorous, privileged and elegant. We communicated the establishment heritage in a deluxe tiered CHC monogram based on the initials of its founder.

The crest was crowned by the mythological figure of a fiery, independent hippocampus, yet proud, unique and iconic. We found a recently released and beautifully balanced semi-serif font which straddled the old and new worlds, its generous bowls, crisp finials and perfect bow-shaped R set against unquestionably posh roman numerals. In signature Oro&Co style, the meticulous attention to detail resulted in a bespoke logo which worked beautifully in one single colour, ready to be used on everything from retail signage to the smallest foil block on the inside of a belt.