Palladium Global Marketing

Launched by the mining giant Norilsk Nickel, Palladium Global Marketing (PGM) was set up to build consumer demand for palladium jewellery globally. We were thrilled to be chosen to create brand logos for Palladium and its companion, PGM. Working from extensive international research and development, our remit was to create desire for the rare precious metal which was mostly seen as an inferior substitute for platinum. Our signature deep dive into the palladium story uncovered untold wealth, from the discovery of asteroids to the Greek goddess of arts and crafts.

We wove the concepts into a single lotus flower which was constructed from the exact placement of the electrons on the palladium atom, unifying science and art. In one of our favourite examples of excellent collaboration, CEO Nicholas Graham-Smith had the sterling idea to add the central 46 (the number of electrons in the atom) into the design. We love it, it’s more of a hallmark. Painstakingly adjusting minuscule details of the letterforms in Palladium, we finally nudged the A dead centre, a reflection of the petal above.