Vero Fabrics

Vero Fabrics is a fast-growing, ethical luxury brand, passionate about supporting British manufacturing. A bespoke textile company led by Ottilie Stevenson and Amanda Purves, Vero creates beautiful custom fabrics which weave contemporary designs with heritage methods of production. Oro&Co were commissioned to quickly establish them with the world’s leading interior designers in the residential and hospitality sectors. We created their brand identity, focusing on a timeless logo which would be instantly recognised and trusted on all of their samples and touchpoints.

We wove the logo in fine golden threads juxtaposed with bespoke hand drawn type. Chic low crossbars allude to the glamour of the roaring 20's in perfectly balanced and timeless geometric forms. Ottilie’s favourite shades of light and dark blue lent a traditional feel to the branding. In addition to the logo and brand design, Oro&Co have created beautifully die-stamped cards and a host of marketing materials. The response from designers has been exactly what they had dreamed of.