Oro&Co is the London-based design studio of Creative Director Debi Ani. We are an expert team of world-class artisans and innovators who specialize in luxury brand design, providing a boutique and friendly hand-held service. Recognized for our outstanding craft, intuition, and insight, we create luxury brand identities, bespoke logos, custom websites, and design for print for discerning clients all over the globe. We strive for perfection with integrity and clarity, aspiring to a world where everything is considered and thoughtful.

We invest in our clients as our clients invest in us and are dependable partners on your unique journey from beginning to forever. We are privileged to have created identities and websites for high profile visionaries and tastemakers from the worlds of fashion, retail, architecture, automotive, industry and global humanitarian aid, including Diana Ross, Belma Gaudio, David Downton, Mikimoto, Rose Villa Saigon and Kirstie Allsopp and Amma (Mata Amritanandamayi).


An iconic logo which pays homage to the highly respected Woods, Masters of the River Thames for five generations. Deco-inspired yet timeless, it references the era when Kate, Tom and William’s grandfather bought a decommissioned boat after the war and will take the family into an undoubtedly impressive future. The decorative waves have been developed into a distinctive repeat river pattern and used on everything from food wrappings to ice cream carts. Two significant, enduring seeds of Oro&Co were planted on this project.

Not only was Woods our first client, but this was also Debi’s first collaboration with Peter Horridge. The fact is that the logo you see here wasn’t our first concept. We’d designed a powerful illustrative anchor around which we’d draped a rope which formed a W. The concept was immediately jettisoned when the marine team put the W and the anchor together and called it something we hadn’t thought of. Thankfully we’ve never got our boots mucky since. More about this project ➻