Originally home to Britain’s first Prime Minister, Sir Robert Walpole, two imposing 18th century houses opposite The Ritz in London were transformed into the impressive Walpole Mayfair property development. Along with a full brand identity including the logo, hoardings, signage and website, we created a prestigious luxury brochure radiating with period grandeur for designer-developers Oliver Burns and Knight Frank Prime. Debi’s obsession with geometric perfection led to the layout being constructed on a foundation of authentic Georgian architectural proportions, infusing the pages with the naturally pleasing qualities of the golden ratio.

Glamorous full colour images nestled in the middle of the book, bookended by refined spreads in a curated palette of nearly black, eau de nil, gold and, in a nod to our client, Oliver Burns’s house purple. Layering the luxury, we french folded the paper and added head and tail bands and an integrated bookmark. We chose an unusual Emigre semi-serif typeface which fused the Georgian period with present day typography. In one single font weight yet countless plays on scale and space, created a typographic tapestry with subtle colour shifts and obsessive attention to detail. A true labour of love. See more of this project