An imposing website for the launch of a new company which has brought together key individuals from the worlds of advertising, tv, film, documentary and audio. We made it look easy. A clean, cinematic interface with our bold logo hand drawn by Peter Horridge and super clear and stylish typography adding a literary slant. (We initially resisted the black and white UI as everyone in the industry was doing it, however with 200+ videos in every shade and tone under the sun, we realised why everyone was doing it.) We built a sophisticated and robust custom WordPress site and back end with dynamic custom fields and category driven page templates. The complexity under the hood was all about simplicity up front - creating new director pages and adding videos to two different lightboxes on the slideshow and the grid - all without having to touch the design.

At the end of it all, we produced a detailed user manual so that our increasingly technically proficient client could do the whole thing themselves, and delivered hand-holding training and support during the tender post-launch phase. Rarely does the mobile version of a site look as good as its desktop cousin, but once you have the brand elements right things magically fall into place. The finishing touches of an animated landing page and subtle preloader were the cherries on top. Phase two of the website design and development will be the expansion of the tv/film and doc/audio sections. Coming soon. We’re very proud to be working with Creators Inc and of your growing technical capabilities and exciting creative collaborations ahead!