David’s sublime illustrations elevate us to a time and place where life is glamorous and exciting. During the pandemic, our own Sophia Loren portrait in splendid Boccaccio '70 red which hangs in our studio was the best antidote to the bleakness outside. We’d worked with wonderful David for many years, creating his “The Drawing Room”, logo and luxurious website. During the lockdowns when we sought solace in our environments, the clamouring of 102k IG followers was impossible to ignore and an online shop became indispensable. Preserving the glamour, wit and intelligence of the existing site,

(“Thank you, I’ll take it!” is so much more enticing than “Buy Now”), we added modules for prints, original artwork, books and a pop-up area which could easily be rearranged as required. Elegant typography and muted putty tones all the way through to ‘Checkout’ and ‘Thank you’ ensured the experience was luxury all the way. Of course it’s down to David’s incomparable skill that products often sell out within minutes, but we’re proud that our design and build has been robust enough to adapt to every eventuality we’ve thrown at it and still look stunning.