The Atlas Gallery is one of the foremost specialist photographic galleries in the world. We were privileged to work with them on a portfolio of eight limited edition collotype prints by leading fashion and lifestyle photographer, Julia Bostock. The work was to be printed by Benrido Atelier Kyoto, who are among the world’s few remaining producers of collotype printing. A laborious process made with gelatin plates and extremely hard inks, it produces a practically infinite range of tonality and would pick up on every detail.

Mesmerising and profoundly intimate, Julia’s "Guardians" series documents a year in the Camargue during which she photographed a group of young cattle herders at one with both animals and environment. As images are the hero the type is minimal and youthful, with extra wide letter spacing evocative of the expansive landscape. We added a bit of restrained femininity with a small pirouette in the woodcut title and threw in a horseshoe, just for fun. View product