Rose Villa Saigon is a sumptuous private members’ club and boutique hotel in District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Created by its eponymous founder, Rose, the club is a lush tableau in intense colour, a perfumed paradise within a walled garden. Nurture, respect and kindness are everywhere — palpable, unforgettable.

Oro&Co were brought in to provide the brand identity for absolutely everything from restaurant, bar and spa, to gift shop branding and amenities.

A successful bespoke logo is always a distillation of its universe into a quintessential, elemental expression and never more so than on the Rose Villa project. Our process in capturing this multi-sensory hedonistic paradise was to layer shape, colour, emotion and texture in a single, unified graphic expression.

We literally constructed the logo piece by piece, drawing on details abundant in the architecture and interiors. Beginning with a stable, geometric hexagonal axis — the shape liberally used in the tiling — we added bouquets of pixelated florals referenced from the roses in the stunning mosaic pool and the swathes of hand-dyed vintage floral net curtains.

The typography is hand drawn Victoriana, distinctive, authoritative, yet decorative alluding to the vast ironwork which spans the villas. The assembled elements created a garden rich with flora, as if swaying in the warm tropical breeze, a contemporary interpretation of timeless romance, reimagined as confident, cool and contemporary.

Logo work is always in black in order to focus solely on form. Colour is introduced in the very last stages when the logo design is complete, just to fine-tune the message. The Rose Villas logo was already whole. It remained pure black, Rose’s favourite shade.

A full 360 luxury brand identity project, we developed branded products with a French flavour in homage to Vietnam's past which harmonised with vintage and hand-crafted objects curated by Rose and the wonderful people at Isle of You. We produced sub-brands, a collection of derivative logos for myriad purposes, packaging, tissue and wrapping papers, amenities in rich, sultry black, wine and eau de nil — each a souvenir of a true Shangri-La.